• Janna Lopez

About Janna

Heart seeker, word builder, practical dreamer, tequila sipper, photo taker, perpetual learner, thought conveyer, star gazer, aurora chaser, cynical optimist.

Me, My Selfie & Eye

Me, My Selfie & Eye is a timely, relevant book intently written to connect, console and encourage those in the midst of midlife identity confusion. This book is a practical updated conversation about the process of midlife upheaval–when everything we believed to be true about our Selves is no longer certain.

Eyedentity Talk Podcast

Eyedentity Talk wth Janna Lopez

This show offers meaningful support and insight for anyone in the throes of midlife identity loss and confusion. Host Janna Lopez, author of “Me, My Selfie & Eye – A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief & Seeing Who You Are,” interviews leaders, luminaries, and everyday people about truly understanding what defines us, coping with identity loss in midlife, and how we learn to “see” ourselves again.