• Janna Lopez

About Janna

Heart seeker, word builder, practical dreamer, tequila sipper, photo taker, perpetual learner, thought conveyer, star gazer, aurora chaser, cynical optimist.

Current Book: Me, My Selfie & Eye

Me, My Selfie & Eye is a timely, relevant book intently written to console and encourage anyone who experiences grief and confusion from identity loss. This book is a practical updated conversation about the process of midlife upheaval–when everything we believed to be true about our Selves is no longer certain. Though focused on midlife, this story’s unfolding about Self-searching touches both men and women, across all life stages.

Eyedentity Talk Podcast

Eyedentity Talk wth Janna Lopez

This podcast delivers engaging, fun straight-talk with guests from all walks of life. Discover insights about Eyedentity–what it is, how we find it, what we “see”–from leaders, luminaries, and everyday people. Conversations are always real, deep, and full of kick ass perspectives about what it means to be alive.