What is MidLife Coaching?

Is It Right For Me?

Sometimes we reach a place in life when we have more questions than answers. I acknowledge this can be a frustrating, yet potentially fertile, place to be. MidLife is when we’re seeking clarity, redefining purpose, sorting out our place. Through ever-changing circumstances, we’re asked to become revisionists. It’s difficult to sort through it all alone.

MidLife coaching helps sort. We forge a partnership in purpose organizing. My goals are to help you through, particularly through a Dark Flight of the Self, to land within a place of deeper understanding, allowance, and connection, to your Self.

In my book, Me, My Selfie & Eye – A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief, & Seeing Who You Are I share my strong belief that midlife identity shifts are not a crisis, but rather a time of profound identity loss and grief. My aim is to help you explore the parts of your Self you’re in process of letting go, and to brave imagining the parts of your Self you’re curious to discover.

Topics may include:

  • Identity loss as grief;
  • Who is your “Me,” your “Selfie,” and what is your “Eye?”;
  • The influence of expectations;
  • Barriers of judgement and fear;
  • Learning to spot your individual mile markers;
  • How to identity your whispers (of faith) and crumbs (of trust);
  • Letting Go of Idealism

One thing to note: Coaching is not consulting or therapy. It’s a designated experience curated to guide you to your Self. Conversations are intentional, homework is intentional, questions are intentional. Although suggestions may be offered, ultimately, we work together towards your discoveries.

Step One: Fill out then email the questions form to give me a better idea of who you are.

Step Two: Schedule a free 30 minute phone or Zoom consultation to see if we’re well-suited to work together, and learn more about my approach and coaching style.

Step Three: From our call I will provide a suggested coaching plan. It could include 1, 2, 4, 8, or 12 sessions, depending upon the work. 50-minute sessions may be scheduled for every week or every other week, depending on what we agree upon.

MidLife Coaching Session: Prices to be discussed
50-minute sessions by Zoom to discuss topics and goals as initially suggested (with the caveat there may be other directions that come up). You’ll be provided a session recap by email within three days. You will be given a small assignment, or something to think about and perhaps take notes on, to be provided for our next session.

Text and email support is available between sessions.

Sessions must be paid in advance by PayPal.
Appointments may be scheduled at least 72-hours in advance.
Cancellations require 24-hour notice otherwise will be charged.