Me, My Selfie & Eye

A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief & Seeing Who You Are

“Me, My Selfie & Eye” is my first book. It took four years to complete. It’s a timely, relevant book meant to connect, console, and encourage anyone in the midst of midlife identity reforming. This book is a practical updated conversation about the process of midlife upheaval–when everything we believed about our Selves is no longer certain.

My book draws a contrast between a more known spiritual journey—a Dark Night of the Soul—and what I instead refer to as a Dark Flight of the Self. By defining distinctions, intimately sharing a personal journey, and using straightforward concepts to consider, I’m offering readers insight to see themselves and identity dismantling differently, as a means to move forward.

I envisioned the book as an intimate conversation. Making meaningful connections about complicated midlife stuff (many are afraid to discuss) is why I wrote the book. I got frustrated by generic, overly-simplistic, prescriptive solutions to midlife’s complex circumstances and emotions—(i.e. find happiness in 5 days or less!).

I get that midlife can be a highly confusing and lonely time. You are not alone.

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Me, My Selfie and Eye

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Praise for Me, My Selfie & Eye:

“This is not just a book for women. As a man, I appreciated the honesty and insights revealed in this highly-readable memoir by Janna Lopez. By speaking the truth about herself, she is a teacher helping all of us pursue a sense of understanding on this journey we call living.”

Tom Hallman Jr.Pulitzer Prize-winning author

“Harrowing and beautiful, Lopez’s unflinching exploration of what it means to be a woman coming to terms with herself in midlife is a chaotic, glorious enchantment.”

Karen KarboAuthor of “In Praise of Difficult Women”

“This book is honest, gritty, funny, genuine, and full of heart. Janna is a trustworthy guide for all of our midlife transitions. Whether you’re going through one of your own, or supporting others through theirs, you’ll find dazzling gems here to light the way.”

Raphael CushnirAuthor of "The One Thing Holding You Back"

“I have always had the highest respect for Janna as an editor/publisher/writer/professional. What I didn’t know was just how much I would come to respect her as a pure artist and fearless spiritual visionary. This book is truly inspirational and I highly recommend it to anyone facing midlife trauma.”

Sarah MensahVice President and General Manager, NIKE Sportswear Asia Pacific/Latin America

“Janna Lopez is a straight talker at a time when straight talk is rare. Her candid, occasionally irreverent, and often hilarious take on midlife grief is a refreshing alternative to books that offer quick fixes. We don’t need fixing. We need help understanding what the hell is going on. This book steps into that role.”

Hope EdelmanAuthor of “Motherless Daughters"