Episode 10: Kelly Carlin: Daughter of George, Finding Herself & Keeping It Real

Kelly Carlin, daughter of the brilliant comedian George, is a thinker, writer, talker and doodler. She’s funny, serious, silly and deep. Her fascinations range from discovering how to live a deep life, to freedom of expression, to the evolution of consciousness and the American psyche. She’s a practitioner of Zen Buddhism, has a Masters in Jungian/Archetypal psychology and comes from a family steeped in comedy, big ideas and warm hearts. Now that she’s found her voice, she’s figuring out how to use it for good while having a shitload of fun.

Lately Kelly’s focus has been centered on teaching and coaching women to find their voices and essential selves through her year-long program Women on the Verge. In 2015, her best-selling memoir, “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing up with George,” was published and her honesty, keen insight and humor were on full display. Jay Mohr summed up the power of her work by saying, “For anyone that has ever not been sure who they are, this book is for you. There is a landing spot. Let Kelly Carlin be your beacon.”