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Writing Prompts Unlock Freedom And Creativity


The Chill of Holiday Loneliness

It’s the holidays. I’m sitting alone at a restaurant bar.…
Writers and Editors: Finding The Right Fit

Writers and Editors: Finding The Right Fit


Ready To Meet The NaNoWriMo Challenge? These 9 Tips Will Get You There.


Find Creativity In Your Writing By Ditching Expectations


Are YOU Absent From Your Own Story?


Insights From Best-Selling Authors


Something To Blog About As An Author


Eyedentity Talk

Let Poetry Unravel & Befriend Your Universe

Listen to this episode to have your expressive universe forever changed. Matt Hart is the author of FAMILIAR (Pickpocket Books 2022) and nine other books of poems. Additionally, his poems, reviews, and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous print and online journals.

Dr. Gregory Shushan: Near Death Experiences & The Afterlife Across Cultures & Time

Gregory Shushan, PhD, is the leading authority on near-death experiences and the afterlife across cultures and throughout history and an award-wining author.

Jim Gaines – Former Life, Time, People Magazines Editor & Best-Selling Author

Jim Gaines is an incredibly important individual in the world of journalism. He's the former managing editor of Time, Life, and People magazines. He’s interviewed and written about presidents, celebrities, and notable historical events such as Watergate, and figures, including being the first to interview Mark Chapman, the person who murdered John Lennon.

Peter Richardson: Notable Author Explores Hunter S. Thompson & Literary Work Beyond Gonzo

Peter Richardson has written critically acclaimed books about Hunter S. Thompson, the Grateful Dead, Ramparts magazine, and radical author/editor Carey McWilliams. “Savage Journey” is Richardson’s recently released book, a biography about Hunter S. Thompson that critically explores Thompson’s process, and the contributions of the work itself.

Mandy Ingber – Yogalosophy, Self Wisdom, & Gifts From Stars

Mandy Ingber, The New York Times best-selling author of Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover and  Yogalosophy For Inner Strength: 12 Weeks to Heal Your Heart and Embrace Joy, is a celebrity fitness and wellness expert.

Phil Raeihle – Near Silence to Sound: Cochlear Implant Journey

Phil lost the majority of his hearing when he was 9 years old. In 2018 he began his return to hearing journey receiving his first cochlear implant.


Me, My Selfie and Eye: Good Grief by Cheryl Jones

When Janna Lopez hit 50, her world seemed to fall apart. In what she later describes as a Dark Flight of the Self, she seemed unrecognizable to herself which propelled her into a deep grief for who she had been. Unlike depression she had navigated in the past, insight was elusive and unattainable. Instead, she felt as if she was crawling along, unsure what was right ahead of her. Small things, photographing a hummingbird, slowing down, feeling her way along, began to help her form a new concept of herself and led her to a new life. Her book, Me, My Selfie and Eye, chronicles her unfamiliar path and describes the intersection of a youth culture, menopause and aging with clarity and humor. Join us to talk about it!



KBOO / Between the Covers: Me, My Selfie and Eye

Divination Foundation

Divination Foundation / Janna Lopez: A Midlife Conversation