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Dr. Adolfo Murillo Talks Alquimia Tequila, Organic Farming, & Cultural Divide

Tequila Alquimia founder, president, and CEO, Dr. Adolfo Murillo, was born in the small town of Agua Negra, where his grandfathers raised their families as an entrepreneur and farmer. When Adolfo was born, he witnessed the care and attention his grandfather Abelino gave to his land, crops and herds to provide for his family and the community around him. He always said, “Take care of the earth, and she will take care of you.” We discuss life between bridging cultures, professions, and how these interest with Eyedentity.

The Uncertainty You Feel & Can’t Name Is Grief.

Not long ago you wouldn’t have imagined that getting dressed up for a party would be a luxury. Or dropping into Subway for a quick sandwich. Or sitting in Starbucks waiting for a client. Or relaxing in a salon as you get your nails done. Or stopping by a sports bar to grab a beer […]

Book Launch Party Was Enchanting!

Can I just say that having your best friends and loved ones with you to celebrate an accomplishment, a dream come true, the launch of your book that took 4 years to create, is THE best! About 50 people came to the beautiful space GATHER, in Portland, a stunning event space housed in an old […]