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Kevin Rankin – Let Some Things Go, So You Can Grow

Welcome to the very first episode of Eyedentity Talk – a podcast that aims to create deeper conversations with dynamic people from all walks of life about how new lives completely shifted who they thought they were and ultimately, how they come to “see” themselves again.

Today, I’m excited to converse with Kevin Rankin. Aside from being a rockstar drummer, he’s an amazing human and a talented individual, that like many of us, went through some meaningful midlife shifts.

We Don’t Know How to “Be” Without What We “Do”

It’s Sunday. However, in the current scheme of things, does that matter? One day’s blurring into the next. With each blurry day comes a swath of confused jumbled emotions that shift in seconds: One second — I’m terrified. I could get this virus. I might die. Is my will in order?; the next — just […]

Copyediting & Closer to Creation

Yesterday I sent the first complete draft of the book to my friend and talented copy editor Julie. I completely reworked the ending because the first one as it was, was bullshit. I saw it and I’m sure you’d see it. The way it ends now is more honest. I can say that after months […]