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Jennifer Batten – World-Class Guitarist Badass

Jennifer Batten’s been playing guitar since age 8. In 1987 she was chosen from 100 guitarists to play on Michael Jackson’s BAD tour which travelled the globe for 1 1/2 years. She remained with Michael Jackson for ten years. Within a year of the HIStory tour’s completion, British guitar icon Jeff Beck asked her to join his band.

You Are A Writer. Period.

Recently, notable author Glennon Doyle posted a video of herself answering frequently asked questions. One of the questions she addressed related to how one goes about knowing if they’re a writer. I couldn’t have disagreed more with how Doyle described the ways one knows they’re a writer. In my admittedly minced-up summation, Doyle shared that […]

Barry Kibrick – Self Certainty & Wisdom

This week I’m thrilled to talk Eyedentity with Barry Kibrick, three-time Emmy winner for best host and show for his series Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick. His program’s aired PBS for 24 years. Barry’s interviewed Queen Noor of Jordan, Ray Bradbury, James Ellroy, Anne Rice, Mario Puzo, Elmore Leonard, Ron Howard, Sir Riddley Scott, and many others. His new show on his YouTube Channel is called: Just Between Us. Barry was a recipient of the 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his enriching and entertaining programs. The award has been given to Mohammad Ali, political and influential businesspeople, seven U.S. Presidents and members of congress and celebrity influencers.

I Fu*ked Up Motherhood Even In Covid Times

When it comes to motherhood, why are imagined pictures of how things should unfold between my son and I different than reality? Even in the wake of a pandemic, with our sheltering in place, I fantasized about the things we’d do together; the things I’d teach him, show him, guide him on; all the ways […]