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In Death Is There Life?

Partially-crumbled, faith-drenched aesthetics of old churches and cemeteries, fascinate me. There’s something beautiful, sad, holy, and eternal, about visually time-stalled love, loss, and reverence.

Sex and the REAL City

Now THIS is newsworthy. It was freshly announced that one of the greatest shows of all time, “Sex and the City” starts production this spring for an inevitable return to the screen. Anyone who knows me is aware, as a running joke, that I’ve watched this series, in its entirety, too many times to count. […]

Me, My Selfie and Eye: Good Grief by Cheryl Jones

When Janna Lopez hit 50, her world seemed to fall apart. In what she later describes as a Dark Flight of the Self, she seemed unrecognizable to herself which propelled her into a deep grief for who she had been. Unlike depression she had navigated in the past, insight was elusive and unattainable. Instead, she felt as if she was crawling along, unsure what was right ahead of her. Small things, photographing a hummingbird, slowing down, feeling her way along, began to help her form a new concept of herself and led her to a new life. Her book, Me, My Selfie and Eye, chronicles her unfamiliar path and describes the intersection of a youth culture, menopause and aging with clarity and humor. Join us to talk about it!

How Walking Saved Me

I’ve never been a walker and to say it saved my life might sound over dramatic. But it feels this way. In the middle of March, as the world began to shut down from Covid-19 and sheltering in place took hold, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety slipped in. Like millions of others, I felt daily dread, […]