Ashley Montague – Art In Sight, Sound As Ultimate Eyedentity Expression

Utilizing a broad mix of art media and techniques—including murals, prints, graphic design, drawing, and music collage—Ashley Montague creates pieces cut from the richest mental fabrics. Raised by artist parents, visions of abstract and impressionistic were an everyday sight. Take early influences, mix in his own flavor of life, a keen sense of flow and motion, the hand drawn element, some aerosol, a heap of color, and room to breathe… and what becomes is tasty visual elixirs.

Ashley uses themes and color palates that morph and weave, creating a mixed version, only for a moment, as the piece finds directions all it’s own. “Entering the land of the unknown and unplanned is what keeps me going…not knowing my next move but still stepping sure-footed, really working through a piece. on every level,” he uses his work to explore the unseen.

Ashley’s art has been sought after by brand icons Food Network, Mt. Dew, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Facebook, Nike, and Oregon Ducks Football.

Instagram: @sknnymrcls