About Janna

Hello. Glad you found me!

A way to introduce myself is to share that my life’s passion has consistently revolved around expression through words and images. My life’s mission as a book coach, writing guide, teacher, and retreat leader, is to guide people towards clarity and connection through writing. I blend experience and intuition to take your writing to unimaginable results in your creativity and productivity. I offer private and small group retreats in stunning Santa Fe, New Mexico through Land of Enchantment Writing. www.landofenchantmentwriting.com. 

I also work with a select number of one-on-one clients to navigate you through a book writing-to-completion journey. 

I’m the published author of the acclaimed book, “Me, My Selfie & Eye,” and completing my second and third books: one, “WinSome & Fuckdamonium” a collection of poems, and the other, “The Art & Invitation of Self-Conversation – Writing That Moves You Beyond Fear to Freedom” based on my work with hundreds of clients. 

I host the entertaining podcast, “Eyedentity Talk,” a show dedicated to unearthing stories about compelling people, doing compelling things, and making compelling discoveries about who they are. Each episode promises illuminating conversations with guests from all walks of life. 

I have a MFA in creative writing, and teach classes and workshops. To explore writing prompts, receive author resources, or join my FREE online creative writing class on Tuesday nights, 6pm PST, visit my Unearth Your Stories Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/208858433772066

In June of 2021 I was recognized by the Hillsboro Chamber School to Career program as Volunteer of the Year for my weekly writing workshops created for teen students during the pandemic. Award nominees are nominated based on the volunteer’s efforts to promote and model life-long learning as key to students’ future success.

I’m a New Mexico State Poetry Society member.

If you have questions about writing, don’t know where to start, afraid, or overwhelmed by the book writing prospect, just reach out. I’m happy to guide the way.

Life in Pictures

  • Me and a book and a doll. Taking reading and friends seriously at an early age.

  • Growing up in L.A. meant I was a de facto Lakers fan. This is me (around 25?) with {Big Game} James Worthy.

  • Get into the groove….

  • I worked in radio in my mid-20’s. Totally fan-girled on Daryl Hall.

  • I’m 15. That is all.

  • Me with Vinny Appice! Black Sabbath and Dio drummer! I was so STOKED to meet this legend!

  • My beautiful cat Leo (in stereo)

  • Getting my college degree at 50 🙂

  • My cat Luna. Isn’t she sweet?

  • Jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet. The longest and shortest 5 minutes of my life.

  • My one and only tattoo. I got it at 46 years old. From the kickass Portland artist Alice Kendall. It fuking HURT but I love it!

  • My grandma Freda, mom, and me. Bat Mitzvah day!

  • My mom Carol, and dad Joe, when they were 19.

  • I help put on the amazing Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine event held in October each year. 10 years with this fabulous team. I love teaching about the cultural spirit of tequila.

  • Land of Enchantment Writing – Everyday is stunning!

  • Santa Fe. This is where I live and work.

  • Creative Writing MFA Graduation from Pacific Northwest College of Art

  • Land of Enchantment writing retreat attendees working on their future books!