About Janna

Hello. You’ve found me! Either you’ve read my book, I’ve engaged with your book club, you’ve seen me speak, or we were introduced through the algorithm Gods of Google. However we connected, I’m glad!

My life’s work has consistently revolved around expression through words and images. I’ve always written—poems, short stories, essays—ever since I was a little girl, yet I was afraid to claim the title “writer” until recently. My first book, “Me My Selfie & Eye – A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief & Seeing Who You Are” was released in January 2020.

I was a successful magazine publisher for nearly a decade, and a communications consultant for over 25 years, serving small businesses, non-profits, and multi-million dollar companies by designing creative marketing strategies. I love helping people shine through perfect words, in perfect ways, meant just for them.

As for images, I capture the beauty of life, landscapes, and pretty little things. So much story, meaning, and expression can be exchanged through a photograph. In the space of a single image, interpretation ignites between you as the viewer—what you see, feel and believe—and the photographer who snapped open that moment. Connection is sparked.

My current passion is presenting to groups, both large and small, about the confusing nature of midlife identity. I’m a believer in real-time interaction. Life’s meaning unfolds through moments of conversation with ourselves and each other. We’re thirsty to connect, be seen, be heard, and to be understood.

I live in Portland, Oregon, have two children, a great husband, and three cats. I’m currently pursing my Creative Writing MFA at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I’m also a tequila aficionado, 80’s-rock enthusiast, and recently denounced a falsely-held narrative that I’m a plant assassin and gave into the immensely gratifying task of caring for plants. So far, so good….

Janna Lopez

Life in Pictures

  • This is my mom Carol, brother Ben, and me. Apparently my fingers taste good.

  • Me and a book and a doll. Taking reading and friends seriously at an early age.

  • Growing up in L.A. meant I was a de facto Lakers fan. This is me (around 25?) with {Big Game} James Worthy.

  • Get into the groove….

  • I worked in radio in my mid-20’s. Totally fan-girled on Daryl Hall.

  • I’m 15. That is all.

  • Me with Vinny Appice! Black Sabbath and Dio drummer! I was so STOKED to meet this legend!

  • My beautiful cat Leo (in stereo)

  • Getting my college degree at 50 🙂

  • My first date with Mark

  • My cat Luna. Isn’t she sweet?

  • Jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet. The longest and shortest 5 minutes of my life.

  • My one and only tattoo. I got it at 46 years old. From the kickass Portland artist Alice Kendall. It fuking HURT but I love it!

  • My grandma Freda, mom, and me. Bat Mitzvah day!

  • My mom Carol, and dad Joe, when they were 19.

  • I help put on the amazing Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine event held in October of every year. Been volunteering for 9 years. This is the fabulous team. I love teaching and sharing about the beautiful cultural, historical, delicious spirit of tequila.